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Less Is More

That motto is not just the principle of the architect, but also of the distiller Daniel Rössle.

Just keep it as simple as possible.

The ripe fruits handpicked from the rural surroundings of Seißen and the greater area of Swabia are carefully mashed. Then slowly distilled, painstakingly cutting the heart from heads and tails, so that only the subtle substances of the fruits being transferred to the distillate.

No “allowed additives” such as artificial aromas. Nothing is enhanced  or blended. Only using fire and water to distill the fruit, relying on experience, smell, and taste

to obtain and preserve its very essence.

The quality is unique. The bottling is limited.

The distillates are aged across the years in an old vaulted cellar until they are developed to their full potential. Highly acknowledged among connoisseurs, and are well awarded.

Brennerei Rössle Logo