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High above the Blautopf lies Seissen, and at its heart is where the Distillery Rössle is located.

The ripe fruits handpicked in the rural surroundings of Seissen and the greater area of Swabia mostly from very old trees and varieties are the foundation of our distillates and liqueurs. Being carefully mashed and slowly distilled, painstakingly cutting the heart from heads and tails only, the subtle substances of the fruits are transferred to the distillate.

The distillates are ageing across the years in an old vaulted cellar until they are developed to their full.

Just a few examples of our liquid treasures:



Apple and Pear

Two that go well together. A mild and full-bodied Obstler. Aged at least for 5 years. Available also matured in a cask of Limousin Oak.


Apple, single variety

The swabian apple varieties, like the cider fruits Berner Rosenapfel, Gewürzluiken and Bohnapfel or the nearly dessert apple Boskoop and Oberländer give their own unique touch to the distillate. Aged at least for 3 years.


Pear, single variety

The small swabian pears like Bratbirnen, Hutzelbirnen, Albecker Birne, Gelbmöstler, Remele. Each one of them has a distinctive character. Aged at least for 3 years.



Sometimes also called Bauernpflaume. A very old variety of plum, with a rich bloomy bouquet. Aged a least for 5 years.


Harvested very late, we are giving it at least 5 years to develop to its full potential. Very strong, even stony aroma, still a harmonious and mellow taste. A Herrenbrand, an Obstler mostly in favor of our male customers. Available also matured in a cask of Limousin Oak.



The enchanting taste of the precious Bourbon Vanilla. Very elegant and mellow.



Extracting the taste of Indian ginger root. Fine with a humble hot touch.


Red Currants

Picking red currants is time consuming. But worth it. A splendid ruby red liqueur with a mild but very fruity taste.



The mocha coffee bean is giving the flavor. It creaminess and mellowness is a pleasure to all of your senses. Pure, or with milk, or just instead of a hot coffee.


Cherry Plums

are painstakingly pitted by hand. A very fine and elegant liqueur with just the right amount of acidity is the award.



Fragrant oranges are giving this splendid liqueur its summerly and fresh character.



Egg liqueur is an all time classic. Out of fashion for a while, but recently rediscovered and fulminantly returning to bars and cafes.



White Grapes

The full sweetness of table grapes. Nothing else is necessary. Weinbrand The wine has been sourced from the areas around Tübingen and Esslingen. Taking its time to mature in an oaken cask, softening its flavor and enriching it with a hint of vanilla.




Artemisia absinthium, anise, hyssopus, and so many more give the absinth its unique and unmistakable flavor. For the "green hours" in life.




The rowan trees around Seißen are being handpicked. A hard and tiresome work! For a bottle of 0.35l, 25 kg of these berries are required. The scent and flavor are unique, with substance and finesse. Pure berry distillate, not to be mistaken with the so often sold "Vogelbeerenbrand" only being flavored not distilled. Naturally our products are limited not everything is always in stock. Please contact us to get an up-to-date list. You are welcome.

Brennerei Rössle Logo